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Impression Westlake Water Show Ticket(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

Impression Westlake Water Show Ticket(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

Avenue: Yuehu Lake Scenic Area
Address: Yuehu Lake Scenic Area, West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Daily First Show: 19:45-20:45 (Mar.- Sep.) , 19:15-20:15 (Oct.- Dec.) 
Second Show(TBA.): 21:15-22:15 
If the booking more than 10 tickets,you can get a free bus pick up service from your hotel in down to the impression show avenue!

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Welcome to chinahangzhoutour.com. We are the official ticketing agent of Impression West Lake Show(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou).Buy tickets online. Unbeatable Price! Easy to Pay! Easy to get the Impression Westlake Show ticket!

General Introduction
Impression West Lake is one of the representatives created by Zhang Yimou who is Chinese most famous movie director and the general director of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top live-action performances strongly featured by the local culture and unique charm of Hangzhou West Lake. It is nationwide famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. Actually,the visitors in Hangzhou are unexceptionally eager to watch this life-size performance, because it is one mingled and charming show of Hangzhou culture and history. Impression West Lake is the third performance (the first and the second live-action performance made by them are Impression Liu Sanjie and Impression Lijiang River) shown initially in 2007. 

Yuehu Lake Scenic Area is the venue of Impression West Lake. There is a retractable and moveable platform to hold 1800 audiences at the south of Yuehu Lake Tower. With the combination of live environment and high-end technologies, Impression West Lake extends varied marvelous visual appeal to audience in accordance with the natural changes. Yuehu Lake Scenic Area with the surrounding forests and mountains forming the backdrop for the the story of star-crossed lovers. The whole performance equipments are environmentally friendly. The actors’ performance is shown on the water of West Lake. It is not opera, dream or party but thousands of years show.

New Era For The Impression West Lake Show(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

The new show Enduring Memories of Hangzhou, is upgraded by the team led by famous director Zhang Yimou. The upgraded show maintains 80% of the original program content and benefits from a new audio system which has been installed to delight audiences from all over the world.The name of the show is quoted from a very famous poem written by Bai Juyi ( 772 - 846 ), the great poet, litterateur and politician in Chinese Tang Dynasty ( 618 - 907 ). He used to be the mayor of Hangzhou, and was respected and loved by the local people since he did a lot work to make them live better. The new show "Enduring Memories of Hangzhou" was performed for world leaders on September 4th in China for the G20 Summit.“Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” later made its public debut in October, attracting huge audiences to the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. 

This culture fusion performance of East and West, featuring a symphony orchestra and gala on water, is a unique outdoor concert in a natural setting.  Through a significant feat of engineering, the stage platform lies centimeters below the West Lake’s surface.  To the audience, the actors appear to be performing on the surface of the water, which also creates a stunning reflection of the performance and lighting.  The entire stage, covering an area of 8,000 square meters divided into three main performance zones spaced significantly apart, posed a great challenge for the monitor system setup.

Act 1 : Spring River in the Flower Moon Night
One of the most unique poems of the Tang dynasty, "Spring River in the Flower Moon Night" is included in virtually all historical surveys of Tang poetry.And this poem has inspired numerous later artworks. The composer Peng Xiuwen created a piece of orchestral music with the same name, which has since entered the classical repertoire for the traditional Chinese instrument guzheng.

Act 2: Dance of Picking Tea Leaves
Among the Chinese dances, the folk dance is the greatest in number, the most extensive and the deepest into life, and the closest to everyone's daily life.The soft music and graceful dancing, as well as the cheerful and warm atmosphere, vividly represent the unique labor involved in traditional tea picking in Hangzhou. 

Act 3: A Tale of the Chinese Romeo and Juliet
Based on the Chinese folk tale 'Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai', this romantic tragedy portrays 'Romeo and Juliet' from a distinctly Chinese angle, with its two star-crossed lovers facing the obstacle of a class-based arranged marriage and the archaic idea that "a virtuous woman is one without any talent."

Act 4: High Mountains and Flowing Waters
One of the most historically famous Chinese musical compositions, High Mountains and Flowing Water, describes the virility, depth, decency and nobleness of the mountain, and the harmony between the flowing water and the high mountain. It evokes scenery of a fresh spring cheerfully flowing down the high mountain, while the surf is blowing up mischievously.

Act 5: Ballet Swan Lake
This act moves the famous Russian Ballet Swan Lake to the West Lake. It was a greeting to the world famous Ballet Dance.And it was the first time s Ballet Dance on a real lake with water. 

Act 6: My country and I
This national famous song in china express the love to hometown and to the country. Welcome to the most beautiful city in China - Hangzhou. 

Act 7: Moon Light
Since ancient times, the moon has been the eternal theme of Chinese literature and the inspiration for countless poets, which can be seen in numerous descriptions of the moon in Chinese poems. In China, the full moon has a long association with family reunion. Hence, viewing the full moon with friends and family has become a traditional custom.

Act 8: The Unforgettable Jasmine Flower
This famous song was played in the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic games and the Hongkong Handover ceremony. It includes the typical Chinese cultural element and known worldwide, so is honored as the second Chinese anthems.

Act 9: Ode to Joy
The show will reach its ends with Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. The heaven on earth-Hangzhou!

seating map new 2017.jpg

Ticket Pricing

Type of the Seats

Published Price

Price in USD

Child Price

Ordinary Seats 

RMB 360

USD 54

USD 33

VIP Seats (Highly Recommend,in the right front of the Show)

RMB 400

USD 59

USD 38

Child Policy:

◆ "Child Price", as shown in the above table for child over 1 meter and under 1.3 meters, seat is available.
◆ No charge for children under 1 meter in height, provided that the child does not occupy a seat. If the child occupies a seat, the price is the same as adult ticket price .
Full fare must be paid for children over 1.3 meters tall.
Child policy is depending on child's height not on child's age.

Impression West Lake Booking Tips

Click the above "Book Now" button, please select a ticket class,date, type of seat in the booking table, then we will reply you back within 1 hours to double check the details. Later, we will require all the full names, and passport No. of the person who will attend the show. Make payment online by Paypal, then you will get a ticket confirmation voucher within 6 hours

Ticket Confirmation Voucher:
After make payment online to us, the Ticket confirmation voucher will be sent to you via email.

How to get show ticket(s)?
You will get show ticket(s) by displaying your passport and ticket confirmation voucher to the theatre staffs at the ticket office, and they will help you to find the seat.

If it is fully booked, what can we do?
With a long-term contract with Impression West Lake operator, we can hold seats till 6:00 pm every show day. If it is already fully booked on the required day, we will inform you via email as soon as possible, ask if you need to change a show day, or need 100% refund.

100% Refund Guarrantee:
Thousands of our clients have paid through PayPal to book tickets in this way. In case when we find out the tickets have been sold out on the day you required, we guarantee to send 100% refund to your Paypal account immediately.

Urgent Booking:
You can directly contact us by Email or call 0086-13735411378 to make a urgent booking.

Transportation Guide- How to get to the Impression Westlake Show venue?
1.From Hangzhou International Airport: Airport Bus to Aviation Ticking Office, then take a taxi to the show avenue (about 15RMB)

2.From Hangzhou Railway Station: Take K7 or K27 to Yue Fei Temple Stop

3.From East Railway Station: Take No.28 Bus to ZheDaFuZhong Stop, then take No.81 Bus to Yue Fei Temple Stop

4.From East Coach Station: Take No.28 Bus to ZheDaFuZhong Stop, then take No.81 Bus to Yue Fei Temple StopIf 

5.By Taxi: Tell the driver to take you to "Yuefei Temple(In chinese:岳庙" or "Shangeri-la Hotel (In chinese:香格里拉酒店". The show venue is at the opposite of the temple and hotel.

How to Get the Ticket?
1. Book the tickets on line and receive our comfirmation email
After you book and pay the tickets, you will receive a confimation letter by email about the booking code.Print it out or take a picture of the booking code. 

2. Show your passport and the booking code to get the tickets on the show day.
Bring all your passport(s) and the booking code on the show day to get the ticket(s) at the counter of the ticket office at 19:00, Please arriave at the ticket office half an hour before show starts in case the long line!

Emergency Phone Number: +86 13735411378

Impression West lake Images

Director of Impression West lake

Zhang Yimou, Named as one of the World Best Ten Directors at the 1995 Montreal Film Festival, Canada 

Won Lifetime Achievement Award at 1995 Hawaii International Film Festival.
Won the Outstanding Achievement Award at 1995 Colorado 
International Film Festival Chosen as one of the Twenty Great Contemporary Directors in American Entertainment Weekly, 1995. 
Chosen as one of the ten People of the Year by Time Magzine in 1998
Won Lifetime Achievement Award in the Sixth Asian Film Symposium,1999
Won the Outstanding Film Artist Award in Parma International Film Festival,2000
Chosen as the Best Foreign Film Director in 2000 by the Film Journal of 2000,Japan
Chosen as the Best Foreign Film Director by the readers of the Film Journal 2001, Japan
Won the Grand Prix at the Thirteenth Asian Cultural Festival 2002 in Fukuoka, Japan: 

Won Film Master Award: 
Jointly Presented by Mannheim Municipal Government and the 51st Mannheim International Film Festival,Germany, 2002
Won the Superstar Golden Star Award awarded by South California Film Committee, 2002.
Won the Elite Award presented by the New York Second Generation Association, 2002. 

Major production: Red Sorghum,Ju Dou, Raise the Red Lantern, To Live, the Story of Qiu Ju, Keep Cool, Not One Less, the Road Home, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, Impression Liu Sanjie, Impression Lijiang and etc..

How to Pay for the Show Ticket? 

Pay by PayPal
PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address. But, first you have to register your details (including Credit Card details) with PayPal. As part of this process you decide on a password so that you are the only one who can access your PayPal account. For more details, plz refer to www.paypal.com

Our PayPal Account is: Chinaprivatetours@gmail.com    
Free for commission charge if payment done via paypal! We will pay the commission charge!
(Paypal charges 4.4% + 0.3USD as commission for each money transfer in China)

Pay by Western Union
Western Union http://www.westernunion.com
Advantage:Cost only several minutes and much faster than to do so with banks in several days.
You can find a local agent near you from Western Union to deal the transfer. 

Our Western Union Account is:
City/Counry: Hangzhou, People's Republic of China
Receiver Name: Zhou shan shan
First Name: Shan shan
Last Name: Zhou

KEY:The switched sequence for First Name and Last Name makes Western Union payment fail. 
Please send the Western Union Payment Control Number to us via email or fax after the payment, and inform us of the sender's full name and city/country, thank you. 

Cancellation Policy!!!

1. Cancellation due to irresistible cause like Bad Weather, Natural Disaster Coverage, facility is closed due to unforeseen circumstances, and Political Reasons.
If the show is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, power failure, major show facility breakdown, strikes, civial unrest, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, governmental urgent bookings etc. and you had paid for prior to the event, you will receive a full refund. Hangzhouprivatetour.com cannot accept any liabilities caused by bad weather, power failure, show facility breakdown, or those political reasons. We will do our very best to contact you beforehand and as soon as we are made aware of any such cancellation. 

2. Change & Cancellation Caused by Customer
No refund for any cancellation once the tickets are reserved. 

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Questions & Answers or Review
* Full Name
* E-mail
* Title of your review
* Your review
Glenn Burton
Reviewed 16 September 2019
Best show of my life!!!A must if you travel to Hangzhou

Best show of my life!!! Taking full advantage of the landscape - Westlake on-site. The ballet and Kungfu episodes are the most impressive! VIP seat is perfect if you want to take pictures and watch the full view of the show. Otherwise standards seats are great too! It was a very easy arrangement done by Hangzhou Private Tour, and no long queues.

Ms. Patricia Longley
Reviewed 15 September 2019
Very impressive night show in Hangzhou

We were very lucky found a local ticket agent. The booking and collection of tickets from Hangzhou Private Tour was smooth and instruction was cleared. Very beautiful show. Will recommend friend and colleague to watch if they have chance to visit Hangzhou.

Ms. Darlene Caira
Reviewed 15 September 2019
Best thing to do in the night in Hangzhou

Amazing show, our time and money were well spent, the music and dancing were really good. Easy access and to get the tickets. The booking process with Hangzhou Private Tour was quite easy and fast. Highly recommend it.

Benny Yip
Reviewed 15 September 2019
Impression westlake - Amazing show

Amazing show!! The organization and communication with Hangzhou Private Tour was easy and smooth. Really reccomend it! It's true that some normal seat are very close to VIP seats, but the majority are on the sides, so I am still happy that we got VIP seats and were right in the middle. The seats were assigned when the booking was confirmed. Very happy about the service.

Ms. Janice Neal
Reviewed 12 September 2019
Stunningly Spectacular Hangzhou Impression Westlake Show

Suggest to get the vip seats as your seats will be right in the middle. We got the non vip seats and were assigned seats all the way to the side. Your experience of the show will be more affected by rowdy tourists who turns on flash or records the whole show like its for live telecast (and turn on max brightness on their phone). Otherwise, the show was of high quality, good visuals and vibrant lightshow. Beautiful, wonderful. Having seen Zhang Yimou's impression series, everywhere we use different natural scenery, through the wonderful conception of lighting and stage, combined with the humanistic characteristics, we can arrange dances with magnificent momentum and charm. Strongly recommended! Ticketing booth and venue was pretty far away from the downtown. We booked the round way transfer with Hangzhou Private Tour since we heard that it's not east to get a taxi after the show. And it was right!!!

Mr. Umashankar Venkatesan
Reviewed 12 September 2019
Absolutely stunning show! Highly recommend if travel to Hangzhou

Absolutely stunning show! One of the best things I've seen in my life. I totally recommend it to anyone visiting Hangzhou. It's a must! The Hangzhou Private Tour voucher worked like a charm. Instructions were clear, the place was easy to locate. If I were a local, I would be very proud. It's a performance of natural scenery, lighting, music, dance and opera. It's amazing! Personally, I think it's worth seeing! Overall, a great experience!

Ms. Patricia Bryson
Reviewed 12 September 2019
Impression Westlake Show Hangzhou - Definitely a must see!

We booked two VIP seats with Hangzhou Private Tour at the last minute. Everything was confirmed promptly. The show last only 45 mins but definitely a worth while experience. Ticket exchange is seamless and fast. Admission at 7pm and show start at 7:45pm. Price difference for normal tickets and vip is not much as worth the upgrade. beautiful dancing and lighting, beautiful famous songs, the stage set up on the West Lake. Only director Zhang Yimou can think of these ideas and make the beautiful scenery of the West Lake deeply popular. When you enjoy the feast of vision and hearing, do you remember Hangzhou most?

Kin-Leong Pey
Reviewed 05 July 2019
Ticket for 5 And 6 Jul

See above questions

Replied:19 July 2019

Confirmed. Thanks

Jørgen Tang
Reviewed 17 January 2019
The best show to see in Hangzhou in the night

I have read many of the other reviews and they seem a bit mixed, but I have to say that if you are in Hangzhou or the region, (say Shanghai) and you have a day and night to spare, you cannot find anything as magical as this show, nor better to do during an evening there. I have seen the Lijiang Impressions show and that is really fantastic but the Hangzhou show IS worth the money! We were recommended by China hangzhou tour to book the VIP seats in the middle of the stage with only 40RMB more than the normal seats,the view was excellent. The booking process was quite easy with China hangzhou tour. They gave us the bookiig code and we got the tickets at the ticket office with our passorts and the booking code.Yes, I would say it's a "must do", but don't be afraid to take an illegal taxi to get away from the venue. The normal taxis in Hangzhou seem almost extinct!

Mrs. Harry She
Reviewed 17 January 2019
absolutely wonderful! must see water show in Hangzhou

We watched Impressions of Hangzhou on 3rd May 2018. It was a beautiful show with many many performers and stunning combination of reflections and colours. The show consists of some singing and dancing numbers on the water. I loved the synchronization of the performers, it requires lots of training and they did it quite well. It is a most spectacular outdoor dance show! a must see if you are overnighting in Hangzhou! starts at 1930 and tickets are usually RMB360 and RMB400 for vip seat. Webooked the show tickets with China hangzhou tour which was very easy and quite convient to get the ticket with our passport at the ticket office. The venue is just opposite Shangri-la Hangzhou, or at northern end of Su Causeway...

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