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Byron Browne
Reviewed on 21 August 2020

He was so nice and his daughter was so nice I wanted to praise them and send a gift. I think his daughter was name Jun or Zijun I play baseball and I wanted to say thank you. Have a blessed weekend

Reviewed to: Hangzhou Railway Station

Carol Pakula
Reviewed on 24 July 2020

Hi, can I take bus from Jiaxing to Wuzhen? And which bus can I take? And may I know which hotel is Xi Zha are considered to be within the Wuzhen scenic area, and which are outside the scenic area. I have been looking at the map and could not figure out where the boundaries are. For example, is Wuzhen Guest House considered to be within the scenic area or outside? Becuase based on the map, it seems to be outside the North Gate of Xicha? Appreciate of someone can clarify/advise. Thank you very much.

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Replied:24 July 2020

Yes, you can take bus from Jiaxing Bus Station to Wuzhen. It operates from 7:00 to 17:00 with an interval about 40mins. It takes about CNY11. There is no specific bus number and you need to tell the staff that you will go to Wuzhen. Wuzhen Guest House is inside Xizha area. You can tell from the price, the price of the hotel above 350RMB+, normally inside Xizha.  And all hotels within the scenic area is managed by a single tour company. Everyone has to check in at the entrance irregardless which hotel you stay. My advise is to book the hotel from their official webpage.

Monti Pier
Reviewed on 24 July 2020

I'm unable to find much hotels online. Is it possible to arrive there and book a room on the same day in Mid November? Also is there a luggage storage in wuzhen bus station or at wuzhen scenic area? Are there any special discount fares for senior citizens In Wuzhen?

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Replied:24 July 2020

Yes, you can arrange for a hotel on site, at the main entrance. There are hotels inside of the park in various price ranges. If you book your hotel, staff will bring luggage to your hotel, all is quite well arranged. Allow for sufficient time, it can be busy. People who are 60 years old (include 60) get enjoy discount policy if you show your ID card. 

Tom Rufo
Reviewed on 09 July 2020

This place is divided into East and west zone. Both requiring separate entrance fees, with discount given if you are visiting both locations. We visited the west only as there were bus loads of visitors at the East side when we visited. Understand that hotels and inns are located at the west zone.

We really recommend this little canal town. Some of China's greatest painters and writers are from here, and there are many historic buildings and sights. The place is well conserved and as you meander through the streets, you get a feel of what life must be like during the ancient times. Restaurants are good, too. Be sure to ride in one of the boats! Definitely a must visit.

Probably need two days and a night. One day for each Zone and a night for the night scene, which we missed as we were on the way to the airport.

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Edward Ruggiero
Reviewed on 09 July 2020

Is the town admission ticket valid for one entry only per day? That means I can't go in and out of the town using the ticket on that same day? Would you please tell me how did you get to Wuzhen from Hangzhou? Thanks for your time.

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Replied:09 July 2020

Hey If you stay overnight inside the town then the ticket is valid for 2 days , if you are staying outside then its valid only for a day or till late night. You can take the CRH Train from Hangzhou to Tongxiang, then transfer the bus to Wuzhen. But i prefer direct transfer from Hangzhou But Station to Wuzhen Bus Station which costs around one hour.

Reviewed on 09 July 2020

This review is based on my experience in interacting with Hangzhou Private Tour and specifically the Travel Consultant, Sam. We unfortunately had to cancel the tour scheduled during the upcoming summer vacation in July due to the ongoing cross border travel restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However the professional service and responses received, starting from the initial exploratory emails back in January to the immediate refund of 100% of the advance payment upon the cancellation of the tour, exceeded expectations. Looking forward to rearranging this trip next year!

Reviewed to: Private Hangzhou Day Tour: Remarkable Journey of serenity and beauty of nature

Reviewed on 08 July 2020

The show was really impressive and I think anyone visiting Hangzhou should see the show. The show is spectacular. We have seen the ‘Impression’ shows in Guilin and it was also very good. It is covered so fine to go even if raining. There is a stench in the venue and not sure if it is coming from the lake but nevertheless, the show itself was good. It may be difficult to get a ride after the show due to traffic control. Best bet to do a short walk to Shanghai-La hotel and try to get a taxi from there. A relaxing respite after a day of heavy travel. Allowed us to slow down and soak in the local culture.

Reviewed to: Impression Westlake Show Ticket(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

Reviewed on 08 July 2020

I have tried to contact my hotel, and they are not responding. If I purchase the tickets online on your website, passport number and payment by Paypal in advanced are required? And how much is the Impression west lake show?

Reviewed to: Impression Westlake Show Ticket(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

Replied:08 July 2020

We are one of the offical ticket agent of Impression westlake show in Hangzhou. You can purchase tickets through our website. It is in English and has all details of how to purchase tickets, make payment and a seating layout to decide which seats to buy. After the payment, we will email a booking code to you which you can show at the ticket window to collect the tickets. All the bookings need passport details even you buy the tickets at the office in the town. And dont worry, your privacy is under protected. Advanced payment is required to secure the booking incase sold out. For the ticket price, we check the page above. Thanks! 

Pratha Australia
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

We are staying in Shanghai. How far out is Hangzhou from Shanghai. Do we get rides out there and then return at night or stay in Hangzhou if we want to watch the Impression Westlake?

Reviewed to: Impression Westlake Show Ticket(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

Replied:02 July 2020

We would highly recommend spending more than part of a day in Hangzhou. It is a beautiful city well worth exploring. Many of our clients were regretted only having part of a day and an overnight before heading out the next morning. If you are tight on schedule, you also can watch the show before heading back to Shanghai by the high speed train. (You can take the train leaves for Shanghai after 9:30pm)

Eric & Ellen Vath USA
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

Is it necessary to go to the show with a guide on a tour? Did anyone go alone or privately? I have heard that it is difficult to catch a taxi after the show? We do not speak Chinese. I was thinking of staying at the Wyndham Royal and walking back from the show. Do-able? We don't mind walking but want to be safe while walking back along the lake after the first show. Thank you!

Reviewed to: Impression Westlake Show Ticket(Enduring Memories of Hangzhou)

Replied:02 July 2020

It is not necessary to hire a guide if only for the show, as you can buy the ticket in the ticket counter or book the show tickets online with us, and if you want to walk back to your hotel along the lakeside (It takes around 30 minutes from the show p;ace to your hotel), it is absolutely safe even in the evening. It's a pleasant activity to walk along the westlake. Or you can walk to the Shangrila hotel to get a taxi which will be easier than get a taxi on the road after the show.

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