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Hangzhou Labor Day Travel Tips: Make An Appointment in Advance

Post Date: 2020/05/09 14:17
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Labor Day Travel Tips: Make An Appointment in Advance!

As the Labor Day holiday comes and the weather is fine, more and more people tend to travel around. In order to prevent the epidemic risk brought by dense crowds, Hangzhou scenic spots above 4A level will continue to fully implement the online reservation system, limit the number of visitors 30 percent of the maximum carrying capacity every day. People can make an appointment on the official WeChat platform "在杭州" and "杭州文广旅游发布" two days in advance, and present the QR code and green health code while entering the scenic spot.

People are advised to check in advance whether the scenic spots they are going to visit accept an appointment before deciding on a travel plan. In the meantime, in view of the fact that the number of nonlocal tourists is increasing, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism urges local residents in Hangzhou to avoid traveling in peak hours, try not to go to the most popular scenic spots, and give limited tourist resources to nonlocal tourists.

Make Appointments and Travel Safely

According to the prediction data of the City Brain Culture and Tourism System, during the Labor Day holiday, attractions in the West Lake Scenic Area (including Leifeng Tower, Peak Flying from Afar and other paid attractions), Qiandao Lake, Xixi Wetland, Archeological Ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City Park in Yuhang and other scenic spots are most popular with tourists. Other districts/counties/cities’ scenic spots including Fuyang Safari World, Yuhang Chaoshan Hill Scenic Area, Lin'an Daming Mountain, Tonglu Tianzidi Scenic Spot and Jiande Daci Cliff Scenic Spot are also popular tourist spots. It is recommended that people who are wishing to visit these scenic spots make ticket reservations two days in advance.

In order to offer good booking services for tourists, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism has launched such functions as scenic ticket booking, peak hour reminders and passenger flow inquiries in the WeChat Account “在杭州 (In Hangzhou)” and “杭州文广旅游发布 (Hangzhou Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism News Release)”. You can search and follow one of these two WeChat accounts, and enter the "景区预约(Attraction Reservation)" section of the bottom menu bar to make reservations for the city's major attractions and cultural venues.

Visitors can click on the word "预约 (book)" in the attractions list to book tickets online to make a reservation by phone or scan the QR code of the applet.

In addition, during the Labor Day holiday, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism will also cooperate with operators such as China Mobile to push service text messages to nonlocal tourists coming to Hangzhou to inform the specific scenic spot reservation methods and reservation channels. Starting from April 30th, the Hangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism Bureau will publish travel reminders for popular attractions through WeChat platforms such as "杭州文广旅游发布 (Hangzhou Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism Release)" to inform tourists of the reservations made the following day. At the same time, the 96123 tourist hotline will also provide consultation services such as scenic spot reservations for citizens and tourists.

Travel in Different Periods to Avoid Crowds

Forecasts based on big data show that free scenic spots such as Xixi (Fu Causeway, Slow life Street), the Broken Bridge, Su Causeway, Hubin Scenic Area, and Hefang Street are more likely to have crowds during the Labor Day, and the peak passenger flow of Xixi Wetlands is expected to occur between 13:00 and 15:00 daily; the peak passenger flow of the Broken Bridge and Su Causeway is expected to occur between 14:00 and 16:00; and the peak of passenger flow in the Hubin Scenic Area is expected to occur between 18:00 and 20:00, of which on the evening of May  3, the pressure of passenger flow was the highest. It is recommended that tourists choose different periods to travel to avoid crowds.

The Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism also once again advocates that local citizens give the West Lake, Xixi, Liangzhu and other popular scenic spots to nonlocal tourists and head to subordinate districts, counties and cities to experience the new Hangzhou cultural and tourism experience.

Give Priority to Prevention and Control

The Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, TV, Radio and Tourism also advises citizens to prepare ID cards and other health codes before traveling. Self-protection should be done during the tour, wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not gather, cooperate with temperature measurement and code inspection, and consciously keep a distance from other tourists. When dining, please maintain the distance from table to table and use serving chopsticks and spoons.

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