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A hangzhou tour with insight to hangzhou

Post Date: 2017/12/18 22:27
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This year, the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) nominated Hangzhou as one of the world’s top-performing sample cities for tourism, and one of its many excellences is that Hangzhou is the first city to introduce the project of International Visit Points for Social Resources. 

The project aims to present international visitors with an authentic Hangzhou, to help international visitors to get to know Hangzhou and then fall in love with the charms of the touristic city. After 13 years of development and promotion, the current number of international visit points has reached 120 and covers almost all aspects of Hangzhou, from public service, industry tourism, agricultural tourism, society life, society politics to the daily life of Hangzhou citizens.

These visit points have been acknowledged by thousands of political figures and tourism from both China and abroad. So, for an insight into Hangzhou, then try some of the international visit points for social resources.

Guang Xing Tang TCM Pharmacy 广兴堂国医馆) 
Guang Xing Tang TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Pharmacy is housed inside a 200-year-old Qing Dynasty building named Liang’s Villa, and features white walls, black tiles and deep courtyards. Although situated amongst the hustle and bustle, the pharmacy still manages to keep its serenity. Here, one can have veteran TCM doctors diagnose them in tradition TCM way, taste tonic diet, try acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese-style massage) … The place recreates and displays Hangzhou’s unique TCM culture.

Address: 2 Shuangyanjing Lane, Xiacheng District (下城区双眼井巷 2 号)
Reservation: make a reservation one day in advance
Contact: +86 571 87881608
Admission Fee: none
Other: 168 RMB per person for healthy massage and 260 RMB per person for the recognition of TCM constitution.

Meijiawu Culture Village (梅家坞茶文化村) 
Boasting mountains, water and tea, Meijiawu Culture Village is the hometown of Longjing tea and enjoys the same reputation as Longjing Village and Shifeng Mountain (Lion Mountain). It is also the place where the renowned tea picking dance was created. At the time around Grain Rain (The traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms and Grain Rain is the sixth one and usually begins around April 20 and ends around May 5), girls wearing different colored clothes and bamboo or straw hats traverse in between tea bushes picking tea leaves, forming a unique scene of Hangzhou.

Address: 8 Meijiawu Village, Xihu District (西湖区梅家坞8号)
Reservation: make a reservation one day in advance
Contact: +86 571 87097702
Admission Fee: none
Other: 60 to 70 RMB per person for consumption in teahouses.

Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society (西泠印社) 
Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society was originally founded in 1904 and is the oldest and most influential seal engraving art society with the highest achievements. Besides, it was also the first group of Zhejiang’s provincial intangible cultural heritages, the representative organization of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage “seal engraving art” and is also reputed as the “No. 1 Society in the World”. Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society is located inside the west part of West Lake Scenic Area, which has a wealth of historical relics as well as exquisite gardens, and is also dubbed as “The Best Scenery of the West Lake.”

Address: Gushan Road, West Lake Scenic Area (西湖风景区,孤山路)
Reservation: make a reservation one day in advance
Contact: +86 571 87994197 / 85812985
Admission Fee: none
Other: Seal engraving and customizing gifts like seals, will incur additional charges.

Gudang Farmer’s Market (古荡农贸市场)
A Farmer’s Market in a city showcases the land and water conditions and citizen’s life of the city. Gudang Farmer’s Market is a golden name card of Hangzhou’s farmer's markets. It puts a lot of effort into building the best farmer’s market by infusing advanced market design and excellent operation and management, which is warmly welcomed by international visitors.

Address: Building 4, East Zone of Gudang Xincun, Xihu District (西湖区古荡新村东区 4 幢)
Reservation: make a reservation one day in advance
Contact: +86 571 85022022
Admission Fee: none

Hangzhou Wangxingji Fan Co., Ltd (杭州王星记扇业有限公司) 
Hangzhou is the noted fan producing city in China and has been famous for its fans since ancient times. Hangzhou Wang Xing Ji Fan originated from 1875 and from this 140-year-period, one can learn all sorts of interesting facts about fans and fan producing techniques. In 2016, Wang Xing Ji Fan became one of the designated gift providers for the G20 Hangzhou Summit and, in doing so, showed the world the charm of Chinese fans.

Address: 118 Changbanxiang Lane, Xiacheng District (下城区长板巷118号)
Reservation: make a reservation one day in advance
Contact: +86 571 86962638 / 88376201
Fee: 60 RMB per person for a handmade fan

China Academy of Art, Xiangshan Campus (中国美院象山校区) 
Originally founded in 1928, the China Academy of Art is the first national university of art of higher education and the one with the most complete subjects and of the same scale. Designed by the Pulitzer architecture winner and Dean of Architecture Art Institute of China Academy of Art, Wang Shu, the Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art presents the exquisiteness and poetic image of Chinese traditional gardens.

Address: 352 Xiangshan Road, Zhuantang Street, Xihu District (西湖区转塘街道象山路 352 号)
Reservation: make a reservation one week in advance
Contact:  +86 571 87164610
Admission Fee: none

Nongfu Spring Hangzhou Qiandaohu Drinking Water Company (农夫山泉杭州千岛湖饮用水公司) 
Nongfu Spring is one of the largest natural drinking water companies in China. The Qiandaohu producing area of Nongfu Spring is located at the banks of the picturesque Qiandao Lake. Through transparent sightseeing tunnels, passengers can witness the whole producing process of Nongfu Spring at a short distance.

Address: 1 Shuguang Road, Nanshan Economic Development, Qiandaohu Town, Chun’an County (淳安县千岛湖镇南山经济开发区曙光路 1 号)

Reservation: make a reservation one week in advance
Contact: +86 571 64880509
Admission Fee: 16 RMB per person or 12 RMB per person for group bookings.

Xiasha Industrial Park of Hangzhou Wahaha Group 杭州娃哈哈集团有限公司下沙工业园)
Wahaha Group is the largest food and drink company in China and its production volume tops the list in the world. The factories of Wahaha have transformed from the original automatic production to intelligence production. Its production line is the first intelligent production line in the industry of food and drink combining digitalization and intelligentization. In the industry park of Wahaha, what one can see is not only the intelligent production process of industry 4.0, but also the unique “family” culture of Wahaha.

Address: No. 10 street, Xiasha Economic Technology Development Zone (下沙经济技术开发区10号大街)
Reservation: make a reservation one week in advance
Contact: +86 571 86846008
Fee: 20 RMB per person and discounts are available for groups

Hangzhou Wensli Silk Culture Museum (杭州万事利丝绸文化博物馆)
“Wensli” is a renowned trademark of China’s silk products. The Wensli Silk Culture Museum built by the company has collected several thousand ancient historical relics and modern silk artworks, and applies 4D technology to display the prosperous history of silk. Here, inherited traditional handiwork and the creative application of culture magnificently weaves history into modern day society.

Address: Building B, Wensli Building, 68 Tiancheng Road (天城路 68 号万事利大厦 b 座)
Reservation: make a reservation three days in advance
Contact: +86 571 85233403
Admission Fee: none

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