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where to To Eat Crayfish in Hangzhou

Post Date: 2018/06/09 17:12
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Crayfish are fresh water crustaceans resembling small lobsters, and if you come to Hangzhou you will find plenty to satisfy your taste buds.

Zhanghuli Crayfish Restaurant
Price: 98 yuan per person
Address: 32 Baijingfang Lane

This restaurant is said to be a time-honored brand and the Crayfish dishes here come in many flavors such as original, peppery and salty. There is even a “braised spare ribs” flavor. Once you see the food you really will want to eat it. 

Yiweixunxian Restaurant
Price: 150 yuan per person
Address: 499 Wensan West Rd. 

The crayfish of Yiweixunxian is so famous that it often appears on local's Wechat moments. The Thirteen Scent Crayfish is the most popular dish, order this washed down with a bottle of beer and all your dreams will have come true. Yushi Crayfish God Price: 122 yuan per person Address: Marco Polo Hotel 2nd floor, 38 Pinghai Rd.

Pickled crayfish is the specialty here. A fusion of Korean and Chinese flavors form a very special integration without any sense of conflict.  

Siheyan Restaurant
Price: 168 yuan per person
Address: 51 Xintang Rd.

You may be surprised to think that this is a crayfish restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted with a rustic style. With rich flavors and plain and simple decorations, this is the perfect contrast in taste.

Liujiaxiang Restaurant
Price: 87 yuan per person
Address:419 Wenhui Rd.

In 1999, Liujiaxiang Restaurant brought the first crayfish from Xuyi, Jiangsu Province, to Hangzhou. Since then its crayfish has been popular with foodies in Hangzhou. The flavor of the most classic crayfish can be chosen by yourself. Other ingredients such as lotus root slices, rice cakes and so on can also be added.

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