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What’s Cool this Summer in Hangzhou?

Post Date: 2017/10/03 12:20
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What’s Cool this Summer in Hangzhou?


What’s cool is from June 24 to August 31, Hangzhou Lang Lang Lang Water Park, Hangzhou Paradise Park, Hangzhou Craze Appleland, Hangzhou No.1 World Hotel and Yunman Hot Spring will together introduce a fantasy bubble festival. 

During the festival period, several tons of bubbles will burst at the same time, creating an explosive sea of bubbles. There are also many performances and activities available, such as the bubble carnival parade, bubble magic show, bubble war, bubble music party and the ten-thousand-people-water-fight.

Hangzhou Lang Lang Lang Park 

On June 24, Hangzhou Lang Lang Lang Park grandly opened its doors and performances and activities like the bubble parade, bubble flash mob, bikini bubble war made spectators burst with joy. In addition to the bubble activities there are another ten kinds of popular water activities for you to keep cool and enjoy.

Hangzhou Paradise Park 

Energizing music, bubble carnival parade, bubble magic show, bubble war, bubble music party … All types of lively performances and themed parties are, like the bubbles themselves, set to make you burst at the seams. In the meantime, the large-scale thrilling reality-version takagism (room escape) is there to challenge you and your IQ. What’s more, more than ten kinds of entertainment rides such as the hanging roller coaster will, with just one ticket, take you to new heights.

Hangzhou Crazy Appleland 

Indulge your children and yourself in the fantastic world of bubbles where you can all explore the mysteries of bubbles, witness a magnificent jellyfish bubble wall and enjoy the tricks of bubble magicians. 

Yunman Hot Spring 

This summer, Yunman Hot Spring has built its visitors a dreamlike bubble pool where people can dip into a bath of colorful bubbles. There are, in fact, 33 featured hot spring pools scattered about which is where you can also enjoy the tropical radon hot spring. Also, there are exotic performances, characteristic meals and snacks to accompany you whilst you soak up the atmosphere.

First World Hotel Hangzhou 

First World Hotel Hangzhou has elaborately prepared a bubble parent-child guestroom which infuses dreamlike bubbles into its design and creates a lovely living environment for its guests. More to that, the hotel has created a bubble food festival bursting in flavors and of course taste. 

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