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The Ultimate Travel Guide of Tonglu

Post Date: 2020/07/08 16:43
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The Ultimate Travel Guide of Tonglu
In a blink of an eye, the summer vacation is coming soon. Hangzhou Culture and Tourism has summarized three characteristic tourist routes of Tonglu County for you. Let's take a look!

She Minority Village Tour
Jiuxian Street (旧县街道), Eshan She Minority Village (莪山畲族乡)

Day 1
Drive to Heling Village (合岭村), Jiuxian Street, Tonglu County in the morning, and arrive at the Tourist Service Center. Visit the Jiuxian History Demonstration Pavilion, tour around the shooting location of "Fuchun Daling Map (富春大岭图)" and visit the only offline experience base of "Happy Life (向往的生活)" , a famous Chinese variety show — Heling Village. It is worth mentioning that if you take a hot air balloon, you can command a grand view of the entire Heling Lake Scenic Area.

For lunch, go to Naked Garden Resort (裸心园度假村) to enjoy a special farm-flavored meal. In the afternoon, you can drink tea or fish at Heling Reservoir in the resort. Afterward, you can stay at one of the characteristic guesthouses in Heling Village or Eshan.

Day 2
After breakfast, drive to Eshan She Minority Village to experience the hospitality of the She people, experience their welcome gift, learn the intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship, and visit the Hongqu Wine (红曲酒) Exhibition Hall. For lunch, you can try the long-table banquet featuring the characteristics of She Minority.

In the afternoon, hike the Shanha Ancient Trail (山哈古道) and visit the scenic area of Yizhi Canyon (一指峡谷). You can watch the She people singing and dancing, and can also participate in such entertainment items as herding wild boars, kicking stone blocks, and grabbing poles to experience the unique culture of the She Minority, and then return.

Slow-Paced Experience Tour
Fuchunjiang Town (富春江镇) and Chengnan Street (城南街道)

Day 1
In the morning, visit the national 4A scenic spot — Hermit Yan’s Angling Terrace (严子陵钓台). The angling terrace features lush green bamboos and picturesque water and mountain landscape. It is a retreat for Mr. Yan Ziling, who, a native of Zhejiang, would rather live and angle here than accept the invitation of Emperor Liu Xiu, his schoolmate and close friend, to take up an official post in the imperial court to help him govern the country.

For lunch, you can taste the four most famous dishes in Luci Village (芦茨村), which are giant spiny frogs, groupers, bamboo shoots, and free-ranging chicken, and then visit the slow-paced life experience areas, Luci Village and Maoping Village (茆坪村). You can walk along the Maling Ancient Trail (马岭古道) to enjoy the scenery along the way, experience the unique local customs and localities, and stay at one of the characteristic guesthouses in the Slow-Paced Life Experience Area at night.

Day 2
After breakfast, go to Daqishan National Forest Park (大奇山国家森林公园), which is known as "the No. 1 Mountain in Jiangnan", and has the reputation of "natural oxygen bar" and "leisure paradise". In Daqi Mountain, you can walk through the forest, cross the trestle bridge and the cable bridge and trek crystal-clear stream, which is full of fun.

For lunch, you can taste the medicinal meal in Tongjuntang Pharmacy (桐君堂), then visit the Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, watch the Tongjuntang herbal paste production skills, understand the development history of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tonglu, and return in the afternoon.

Exploring Ancient Culture and Seeking for Serenity
Fenshui Town (分水镇)

Day 1
In the morning, go to Fenshui Town, Tonglu County, the hometown of Chinese pen-making, and arrive at Fanli Leisure and Health District (范蠡休闲养生区), a national 3A scenic spot. In a great environment with fresh air, you can climb high and gaze far, enjoy the flowers, and slow down the pace of life.

For lunch, enjoy a farm-flavored meal. In the afternoon, go to Chenle Pen Making (晨乐制笔), learn about the culture and history of Fenshui pens, witness the making process of special pens for the G20 Summit, and experience the fun of making pens.

Afterward, we will visit Wusheng Ancient Street (武盛古街), where local snacks and traditional shops are lined up. After the tour, you can stay at one of the characteristic guesthouses in Fenshui.

Day 2
After breakfast, proceed to visit Shanhuling Eco Resort (珊瑚岭生态度假村) and enjoy the pedal boat, live-action CS, open-air karaoke, merry-go-round and other items in the scenic area, and return in the afternoon.

SOURCE: visit hangzhou

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