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The Map of Hangzhou Internet-Famous Attractions

Post Date: 2020/05/27 15:26
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The Map of Hangzhou Internet-Famous Attractions

The Internet-famous "Dragon Scale Dam", "Canal Afternoon Tea", "Langzhu Ancient City Ruins Park to Watch Little Deer" ....... Where are these internet-famous attractions that are popular in major online travel notes in Hangzhou? We will help you find it!

9 Wulin Road
As a part of Wulin Road International Commercial Street, Wake Town, the No. 9 Wulin Road, which is adjacent to the West Lake, is a busy and quiet music street. It features wrought iron floats, retro telephone booths, blue bricks and stone tiles, and carved fences. Come to No. 9 Wulin Road and you will feel as if you were on a foreign street and you were traveling through the Republic of China at the same time. Various internet-famous shops on the street have attracted many fashionable people.


Tickets: free.

Transportation: take bus No. 5, 18, 12, 25, 26, etc., and get off at the bus stop (pinyin: liu gong yuan; simplified Chinese: 六公园) and walk for tens of meters; or take metro line 1 and get off at the station of Fengqi Road (pinyin: feng qi lu; simplified Chinese: 凤起路) and walk for about 800 meters

Canal Cruise Afternoon Tea
The canal cruise is one of the daily routines of Hangzhou people. The cruise route connects many popular attractions such as Wulin Wharf, Xiangji Temple, Gongchen Bridge, Xiaohe Straight Street, Chinese Knives, Scissors and Swords Museum, Chinese Umbrella Museum, and Handicraft Demonstration Museum.

In addition to taking the water bus, there is a new way to have fun along the canal – the canal cruise afternoon tea. Let’s take the advantage of the fine weather with the warm sunshine and gentle breeze, sit on the antique boat, and feast on the beautiful scenery along the canal. Isn’t it nice to enjoying the fragrant tea and taste palatable food while experiencing the unique comfort and leisure of Hangzhou City?

Canal afternoon tea route: Wulin Wharf→Xiangji Temple Wharf→Gongchen Bridge Wharf → Beixinguan Wharf → return

Departure time of Wulinmen: 13: 30/15: 30 (on Saturdays and Sundays)

Tickets: specific prices and preferential policies can be viewed on the "Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Hangzhou Scenic Area (京杭大运河杭州景区)" WeChat account.

Transportation: take metro line 1 to the station of Wulin Square (pinyin: wu lin guang chang; simplified Chinese: 武林广场)

Lingshan Characteristic Town
In Lingshan Characteristic Town, the over-2000-sq m Lingshan Wonderland features a constant temperature of 16 degrees Celsius all year round. Here, you can experience the ancient history of karst rocks during a walk in it. There are two oversized lawns in Hejiahuan Field Paradise (禾家欢田野乐园), as well as various amusement facilities and local specialty food snacks. The surrounding area is a thousand acres of wheat fields. Cycling among it, you will feel that time seems to have slowed down.


The "Qingfeng Mountain House (清风山房)" with such facilities as lawns and swimming pools is a well-known location for online celebrities to shoot outdoor scenes in Hangzhou. In the scenic area, you can also feed ponies and ride horses and enjoy the joy of horse racing.

Tickets: Lingshan Characteristic Town is free; Lingshan Wonderland charges 60 Yuan per person; the specific fees for experience items such as horse riding are subject to the scenic area announcement.

Transportation: navigate to "Lingshan Characteristic Town Visitor Center" by car; or take bus No. 283 to the bus stop of Zhang Yu Nan (pinyin: zhang yu nan; simplified Chinese: 张余南).

Telephone: +86 571 87963001

Archeological Ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City Park
Liangzhu at five thousand years ago featured a warm and humid environment, extremely suitable for the deer family to live. The deer garden opened in the Archeological Ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City Park is for visitors to watch and interact with. More than a dozen sika deers bring vitality to this place.


Address: 200 meters northwest of the intersection of Fengdu Road (凤都路) and No. 104 National Road.

Tickets: full price 80 Yuan/person; 20 Yuan/person for Hangzhou citizens; specific preferential policies are subject to scenic area announcement.

Transportation: You can reach it by navigating the car to the "the Archeological Ruins of Liangzhu Ancient City Park (pinyin: liang zhu gu cheng yi zhi gong yuan; simplified Chinese: 良渚古城遗址公园)".

Fuyang Dragon Scale Dam
From a meandering barrage, the water pours down and spray comes up on the stacked reservoirs, as if the shiny dragon scales are dancing in the water. This is the "Dragon Scale Dam", the internet-famous rural attraction in Fuyang District.

The dam is located in Xinyi Village (新一村), Huyuan Town (湖源乡), Fuyang District. A few hundred meters downstream of the Huyuan Bridge, the stream is blocked by a barrage, just like an oil painting. The dam is divided into 13 layers from top to bottom. Summer is a period of abundant water, and there are nine layers that are above the water surface. Seen from the air, the dam looks like an angel's wings.

Tickets: free.

Transportation: Navigate to Xinyi Village, Huyuan Town, Fuyang District (pinyin: fu yang qu hu yuan xiang xin yi cun; simplified Chinese: 富阳区湖源乡新一村) by car.

Qingshan Lake Greenway
“Trees grow in the water; boats swim in the forest; birds fly over the water; and people walk among the flowers.” Qingshan Lake Greenway features domestic first-class leisure bicycle lanes, waterfront ecological green corridors, and slow life leisure routes. It uses the greenway as the carrier and connects cultural and natural landscapes like Qingshan Lake Bridge, Chishan Bay, water forest, Statue of King Qian ... Large trees grow freely in the middle of the greenway, which doubles the beauty of the scenery.


Tickets: free

Transportation: take metro line 16 and get off at the station of Babaili (pinyin: ba bai li; simplified Chinese: 八百里) or Qingshan Lake (pinyin: qing shan hu; simplified Chinese: 青山湖) and enter the entrance of Liuzhuang Service Station (pinyin: liu zhuang yi zhan; simplified Chinese: 柳庄驿站) on the north part of the greenway.

Jinsha Lake
In Jinsha Lake, there are the crystal-clear lake water, golden beaches, leaves swaying in the wind, and colorful flowers. Jinsha Lake Park covers an area of about 970 mu, of which the lake area is about 464 mu and the beach area is about 15 mu. Coming here, you will feel to be in a tropical sea and the water town of Jiangnan.

Tickets: free

Transportation: metro line 1 to Exit C of West Xiasha (pinyin: xia sha xi; simplified Chinese: 下沙西)

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