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The Best Time to Visit Hangzhou

Post Date: 2018/01/17 16:10
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Overall Hangzhou Travel Experience by Season

Hangzhou weather is generally warm and mild all year round, with abundant sunshine and rainfall.Hangzhou has a temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons-a wet and rainy spring, a hot and humid summer, a cool and clear autumn, and a dry and cold winter. June and September are the rainiest months with 200mm falling in each and rainfall building up in preceding months and sharply tailing off afterwards. 

The average annual temperature is 16.5 °C (61.7 °F). The city has abundant rainfall. The annual precipitation is 1141 mm (45 inches), and the annual sunshine totals 1765 hours. 

Hangzhou City is suitable for travel all year round, but the most pleasant and popular times are spring and autumn. Have a look at our Hangzhou Tour Packages and choose your time of travel.

Spring (March through May)
Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderate. Highs range from 82.4°F (28°C) and 54.1°F (12.3°C) with warmer temperatures in the later months. Spring is busy for tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for things to do. Peach blossoms appear as do green willows and the bursting colors of new blooms. This is a good time to stroll on the Su Causeway on West Lake. It is also a happy time for tea growers who are busy harvesting green tea leaves in their gardens. A light sweater or jacket will keep you comfortable.


Summer (June through August)
The middle-year months have hot weather with high temperatures that are quite warm. June – August is the busiest season for tourism in Hangzhou.From mid-June to mid-July is the period of plum rain month, with continuous drizzling and rainfall. The average temperature is usually well above 34 °C (86 °F), and sometimes the highest temperature reaches up to 40 °C (104 °F).The end of June to early July marks the Meiyu or Plum Rain Season. It's so-called because plums ripen in the early summer. From late August to the end of September typhoons often occur accompanied by heavy wind and rain.When it's not raining the umbrella makes a nice prop for photos on West Lake's Nine Zigzag Bridge with its backdrop of blossoming lotus flowers. Wear any summer clothes, such as shirts, shorts and skirts. Preparing sunglasses, hats, umbrella, and drinking lots of water is recommended.


Fall (September through November)
Autumn is from October to November. The pleasant dry and cool weather makes it the best time of the year to visit Hangzhou. The sky is always clear and the city is redolent of the sweet scent of osmanthus in Manlong Guiyu Park. Pack long-sleeved shirts and a light overcoat during this time of the year. The most popular time to visit is the Mid-Autumn Festival when people go to watch the surging tide of the Qiantang River during the day.  In the evening, visitors gather to admire the bright moon over the West Lake. Fall daily highs range from 85.8°F (29.9°C) and 58.6°F (14.8°C), which will feel very nice given the humidity and wind.


 Winter (December through February)
Winter in Hangzhou is from middle December to February. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 3 C (37 F) with some snow. These times of year are the slowest with tourists.But local hangzhou people say that"Hangzhou in Winer is the Best"Bring a down coat, a wool sweater, winter boots and gloves if you're going there in winter.


Take a Hangzhou Tour in Winter to See A Silver Fairyland: 
1.Hangzhou Day Tour in Winter 

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