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If Coming to Hangzhou, I Will Take You to Tour West Lake

Post Date: 2020/04/14 12:16
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Although the epidemic hasn't been completely over yet, spring in Hangzhou has already arrived. So let us wear masks and walk around the lake together.

The beauty of the West Lake varies from season to season. In spring, it is more peaceful and purer, just like a newborn. The lake surface shimmers in the sunshine, and time seems to have slowed down in the quiet and beautiful environment.

The spring breeze resembles scissors, cutting off dead branches and blowing down dead leaves, and new green shoots sprout from the branches. 

01 Spring Dawn on Su Causeway


The weeping willows by the West Lake sway with the spring breeze, and the trees grow quietly. West Lake at the moment is probably the most desirable place in people's hearts.

Speaking of Spring Dawn on Su Causeway, the lively spring scenes of pink peaches and green willows have long been fascinating. It is this 2.8-kilometer-long causeway which has witnessed the vicissitudes of life that has awakened the spring of the West Lake and become the first place in the "Top Ten Views of West Lake".

After the cold winter, Su Causeway is like a messenger of spring where the lush green willows are flanking the causeway, the peach blossoms are flame-red, and the lake scenery is unfolded like a picture. At this time, stop and walk on Su Causeway to see the colorful flowers intertwined, depicting a picture full of spring vitality.

02 Prince Bay Park


Prince Bay Park, located in the southwest corner of West Lake. The park in spring is characterized by red, green, white, yellow and other colors complementing one another. Walking in the park, people will feel like being in a fairyland.


The color of the park is lively and bright, and various flowers are embedded in the large green lawn. Looking up, large areas of tulips look particularly eye-catching. Under the sunshine, the red and yellow flowers are intertwined and dancing in the wind, so intoxicating!

If you come to Prince Bay Park in the spring, you must not forget to have a romantic date with the tulips in the park!

03 Guo’s Villa


Strolling along the Su Causeway by way of Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, and moving forward, you will find Guo’s Villa. Within white walls, Guo’s Villa combines flowers and trees, lakes and ponds, and rockeries and stone bridges together perfectly, which seems so tranquil and poetic.

Guo’s Villa is not large and has a typical Jiangnan courtyard, within which there is a pond, extremely quiet and elegant. When you come here, you can temporarily forget your troubles and indulge in the fragrance of flowers and trees.

04 Hangzhou Botanical Garden


The botanical garden is hidden at the west of the West Lake. Although it’s in downtown area, it manages to retain its own tranquility. When the warm spring sunshine falls on the plants, they perceive the call of spring, sprouting and blooming, and after winter, the Botanical Garden suddenly becomes a sea of flowers.

There are many lawns of various sizes scattered in the Botanical Garden, such as Mulan Mountain Tea Garden (木兰山茶园), Lingfeng Peak, Rhododendron Garden, etc. There is always one that can capture your heart. In addition, you can also take the bamboo forest trail near the North Gate. When it's sunny, this trail is shadowy and mottled, particularly beautiful.

05 Bamboo-lined Path at Yunxi


The West Lake boasts of many bamboo views since ancient times, and the Bamboo-lined Path at Yunxi is the most beautiful among them. There is an ancient poem saying "thousands of bamboos are dense, and flowing water and green hills compose a landscape painting", which shows the characteristics of Yunxi. Yunxi features beautiful scenery and quiet environment, and is a good place for rehabilitation and rest. At the end of the bamboo path, there are ancient trees, and a pavilion for visitors to relax. If you are tired, you can enjoy a cup of fragrant tea in the tea room.

When the dawn breaks, the delicate and beautiful bird sounds come out of the forest; in the distance, there are lush green bamboo trees and the gurgling stream winding down the path. Come to Yunxi to experience the view of the spring being in the air!

06 Hupao


Hupao is located under the Baihe Peak in Daci Mountain, southwest of the West Lake. The water in the Hupao Spring is crystal-clear, ranking first among the West Lake Springs.

In the early morning, everything in Hupao is full of vitality. A beam of sunlight passing through the branches and leaves, morning dew gleaming on a wildflower … all make people feel peaceful and relieved.

People say "Hupao spring and Longjing green tea". To make a pot of tea there, sit by the spring near a temple in the mountain forests and sip tea for half a day, it can be described as elegant and enjoyable.

07 Hangzhou Flower Nursery

The weather is just right. While the flowers are blooming, you can go to Hangzhou Flower Nursery and get lost in the flowers.

There are no famous views here, but there is the charm of typical Jiangnan view of water flowing under a bridge with residential houses lining on the banks. In spring, Hangzhou Flower Nursery is full of colors. Inside the nursery, flowers are blooming like a piece of brocade. Take a walk in the nursery, and you will find new shoots sprouting from trees, full of greenery and pleasant scenery.

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