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A Glimpse of Spring in Hangzhou

Post Date: 2018/03/19 16:08
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As the temperature rises, winter starts to fade, and we begin to welcome in spring, a pleasant season where flowers bloom and thrive. For a glimpse of spring then the following scenes in Hangzhou are not to be missed.

Cherry Blossom 

Flower Pond Park Cherry Blossom Festival
There are two cherry blossom forests in the Flower Pond Park, one is in the Cangshan Pavilion which is dedicated to more than 20 prunus subhirtellas and the other, in Xuesong Lawn, has 15 cherry blossom trees. Looking upwards from under the trees and you will see an umbrella of pale pink and light purple petals shielding you from the worries of the world.

Time: from March to April every year
Place: between the Su Causeway and the south of the Nanshan Road, West Lake Scenic Area

Transportation: take No. 4, 315, 504, 514, 808, 822, Y1 (Outer Line), Y2 (Inner Line), Y3, Y6, Y7 or Y9 (Inner Line) to the bus stop of Su Causeway (苏堤: su di), Viewing Fish at Flower Pond (花港观鱼: hua gang guan yu) or Prince Bay Park (太子湾: tai zi wan)

Hangzhou Shuangpu Cherry Blossom Festival
After the addition of more than two thousand cherry blossom and the upgrade of Neptune cherry blossom, almost all types of cherry blossom, except for Hangzhou’s white cherry blossom and Guanshan cherry blossom, which is pink, can be seen here. Here, all kinds of cherry blossom compete to flourish and, in doing so, form a great flower tide that is seldom seen in China.

Time: from March to April every year

Place: Hai Huang Xing Ecological Amusement Park, Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou


① take No. 504 at the bus stop of Longxiang Bridge (龙翔桥: long xiang qiao) to the bus stop of Zhuantang (转塘: zhuan tang) and transfer to No. 109 to the bus stop of Zhoupu  (周浦: zhou pu)

② take No. 308 at the bus stop of the intersection of Huansha Road and Kaiyuan Road (浣纱路与开元路路口: huan sha lu yu kai yuan lu lu kou) to the bus stop of Zhuantang (转塘: zhuan tang) and transfer to No. 109 to the bus stop of Zhoupu  (周浦: zhou pu)

Orioles Singing in the Willow Cherry Blossom Festival
Orioles Singing in the Willow Park, located in the southeastern part of the West Lake, has more than 170 cherry blossom trees, which are mainly prunus subhirtellas and partly prunus lannesianas. With the blow of the wind, the pale pink petals fall profusely and disorderly which resembles an attractive cherry blossom rain. Every March, which is the best time for willows, thousands of branches dance with the breeze like green waves.

Time: from March to May every year

Place: at the southeastern bank of the West Lake

Transportation: take bus No. K4 or 38 to Qingbo Gate (清波门: qing bo men)


Prince Bay Park Tulip Exhibition
Hangzhou Prince Bay Park is reputed as a romantic attraction in Hangzhou, where tulips bloom every March and April and people all around the world come to visit. In the 2017 Hangzhou Tulip Exhibition, Huagang (Flower Pond) Management Office has donated hundreds of thousands of flowers, including tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses and so on.

Time: from late March to mid April

Place: at the southwest of West Lake, the foot of Lizhi Peak, Nanpin Mountain


① take bus No. 31, 52, 822, 808, 504, 315, K5, Y2 or Y6 to the bus stop of Su Causeway (苏堤: su di)

② take bus No. 318, 31, 197, 194, 808, 504 or K3 to the bus stop of Chishan Port (赤山埠: chi shan bu)

③ take bus No. 318, 197, 194, Y2, 51 (Circle) or 52 (Circle) to the bus stop of Yuhu Bay (浴鹄湾: yu hu wan)


Hangzhou Flower Nursery
Hangzhou Flower Nursery is divided into nine zones: Bonsai Zone, Chinese Rose Zone, Orchid Zone, Chrysanthemum Zone, Scented Flower Zone, Field Flower Zone, Water Flower Zone, Greenhouse Flower Zone and Peony Zone. There are more than 3500 species of flowers among which the chrysanthemum forms a large part, and the orchid delivers the elegant fragrance around the park.

Time: from mid March to early April

Place: Xishan Road, west of West Lake (It has a west gate in the Huangni Hill, the south of Hongchun Bridge, and an east gate between Liujin Bridge and Wolong Bridge.)

Transportation: take No. 51, 52 , 194, 197 or 318 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Flower Nursery (杭州花圃: hang zhou hua pu)

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