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2020 Tangxi Loquat Festival Arrives

Post Date: 2020/05/21 22:41
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2020 Tangxi Loquat Festival Arrives

Again, the season of loquats arrives. Tangxi Loquat Festival is perhaps the most anticipated event in May in Hangzhou. Loquats at this time of year are the freshest and most succulent. People can taste them while picking, which is unable to resist. It’s even better that people can take a few baskets of loquats home.

2020 Tangxi Loquat Festival Kicked off on May 11
Tangxi loquats have a cultivation history of over 1400 years. Every year in May, Tangxi holds the loquat festival where tourists can come and fully experience the water town charm and food culture of Tangxi. This year’s Loquat Festival was held on May 11.

Tangxi Loquat Festival.gif

The first batch of loquats has already been on the market. It is estimated that most of them will ripen in mid-to-late May. Loquats will ripen in a sequential order with loquats in the south area and the west area ripening first.

This year, the sunshine is ample, providing a good growing environment for loquats. The loquats grow well and their quality is even better than in previous years. So, here comes the newest loquat purchasing, loquat picking and loquat tasting guide …

Loquat Sales Area
From May 10 to June 5, a loquat sales area with over 170 booths is set up at the transportation area south of Yunxi Road (运溪路), Tangxi Town. Inside the sales area, there are loquat concentrated exhibition and sales area, self-produced and self-sold area, mailing area, convenient service station, medical observation area, etc. Please wear a mask and show your health code before entering the concentrated sales area.

Tangxi Loquat Picking Places

Hangzhou Tianyin Port Loquat Picking Park杭州天银港枇杷采摘园
Mojiaqiao Village莫家桥村
Zhenghong Family Farm, Tangxi Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou杭州余杭区塘栖镇正红家庭农场
Hangzhou Yuhang Tangxi Loquat Characteristic Park杭州余杭塘栖枇杷特色园区
Opposite to S304 Provincial 
Highway Administration S304省道公管所对面
Hangzhou Tangbei Fresh Fruit Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.杭州塘北鲜果现代农业有限责任公司
Opposite to Tangbei Village Committee塘北村委对面
Hangzhou Ouhuazhou Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. 杭州藕花洲农业发展有限公司
East of Chaoshan Park
Pipa Bay Ecological Park琵琶湾生态园
North of Shaojiaba Village Committee邵家坝村委北面
Hangzhou Yuhang Tangxi Loquat Professional Cooperative杭州余杭塘栖枇杷专业合作社
No. 10 Xinyuan Community, Leyuan Community乐苑社区新苑小区10
Tongqi Town Tongfuyong Loquat Garden塘栖镇同福永枇杷
Xizhuang , Xihe Village西河村西庄
Tangbei Loquat Seedling Plantation 塘北枇杷苗木种植园
Intersection of Tangyao 
Road and Dayuan Road of Tangbei Village塘北村塘窑线与大苑线交叉口
Tangxi Yaoxing Loquat Garden塘栖姚兴元枇杷园
West side of Tangkang Gas 
Station, Mojiaqiao Village
Zhang Guoshun Family Farm in Tangxi Town塘栖镇张国顺家庭农场
Jiushuba Chaijiawu Village柴家坞村九熟坝
Hangzhou Tangguo Ecological Farm杭州塘果生态农庄
Deshengba Mojiaqiao Village 莫家桥村德胜坝
Tangxi Pengwuwan Loquat Garden塘栖蓬坞湾枇杷园


Next to Chaoshan Gas Station, Chaoshan Village超山村超山加油站旁
Luyao Family Farm, Tangxi Town, Yuhang, Hangzhou杭州余杭塘栖镇璐瑶家庭农场

Hangzhou Yuhang Tangxi Agricultural Red Fruit Professional Cooperative杭州余杭塘栖农红果品专业合作社
Aojiaba, Mojiaqiao Village 莫家桥村鏖家坝
Qianran Family Farm, Tangxi Town, Yuhang, Hangzhou 杭州余杭塘栖镇芊然家庭农场
Chaotai Family Farm, Tangxi Town, Yuhang, Hangzhou杭州余杭塘栖镇超泰家庭农场
West side of the intersection of Qiushi North Road and Taishan Road秋石北路泰山路口西侧
Hangzhou Tianhang Integrated Breeding Co., Ltd. 杭州市天杭综合养殖有限公司
Near Shifeng Temple, 
Tangxi Town塘栖镇狮峰寺附近

Tangxi Share Economic Cooperative 塘栖股份经济合作社
Tangxi Village Committee 
Tangbei Share Cooperative Economic Cooperative 塘北股份经济合作社
Tangbei Village Committee塘北村村委
Hongpan Share Economic Cooperative 宏磻股份经济合作
Hongpan Village Committee 宏磻村村委
Chaijiawu Share Economic Cooperative柴家坞股份经济合作社
Village Committee of Chaijiawu Village柴家坞村村委
Chaoding Share Economic Cooperative超丁股份经济合作社
Chaoding Village Committee超丁村村委
Hexidai Share Economic Cooperative 河西埭股份经济合作社
Hexidai Village Committee 河西埭村委
Mojiaqiao Stock Economic Cooperative莫家桥股份经济合作社
Mojiaqiao Village Committee莫家桥村村委
Shaojiaba Share Economic Cooperative 邵家坝股份经济合作社
Shaojiaba Village 
Xiyuan Share Economic Cooperative 西苑股份经济合作社
Zhujiamen, Xiyuan Village (Tangxi Town Second Primary School) 西苑村朱家门(塘栖镇第二小学)
Donghu Sub-district 
Quanzhang Share Economic Cooperative东湖街道泉漳股份经济合作社
Quanzhang Village Committee泉漳村村委
Donghu Street Lijiaqiao Share Economic Cooperative东湖街道李家桥股份经济合作社
Lijiaqiao Village Committee李家桥村委
Donghu Street Yaojiadai Share Economic Cooperative东湖街道姚家埭股份经济合作社
Yaojiadai Village Committee姚家埭村委
East Lake Street Tasting and Picking Branch Venue东湖街道品鉴采摘分会场
Lijiaqiao Central Sales Point李家桥集中销售点


After picking and tasting loquat, why not stroll around Tangxi Ancient Town to experience its water town charm and its food culture.


The Qianlong Imperial Stele (乾隆御碑) stands at the west of Jesus Church of Shuibei Street (水北桥). It is the largest imperial stele in Jiangnan Region, recording the historical event of Zhejiang people not owing a penny in the years of the disaster, and signifying the highest praise that Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty gave to Zhejiang people for their hard work.


Guopu Well (郭璞井), at the south of Guangji Bridge (广济桥), is an ancient well paved with boulder strips. It’s said that the litterateur of the Eastern Ji, Guopu, who had a good knowledge of the principles of Fengshui, and Yin and Yang, passed by Tangxi Town during the drought. He used what he had learned to explore orientation and dredge wells to connect underground water. The well water was sweet and local people were grateful to him for his deeds.


Tangchao Path (塘超小径) is a waterside tourist path connecting the misty Tangxi and the Chaoshan Hill’s endless stretches of plum blossoms. The winding waterways and dotted lakes and pools have become the “blood” of the land. The Tangchao Path connects waterways and lakes and ponds, forming a green corridor.

Route: The tourist path is 20 kilometers in length, starting from Bazi Bridge (八字桥) of the Tangxi Ancient Town, passing Tangxi Village (塘栖村), Chaoding Village (超丁村), Dinghe Village (丁河村), Dingshan Lake (丁山湖漾) and then stretching southwards along Shenjie River (深结港), crossing Yanshan River (沿山港) to Chaoshan Hill before reaching Haiyun Cave (海云洞).

Dingshan Lake Wetland.jpg

Dingshan Lake Wetland, though not famous as Xixi Wetland, has its unique charm with primitive water landscape and history and culture intertwined. Strolling around Dingshan Lake, your mood will be enlightened as the golden morning light and dazzling morning cloud dancing on the sprinkling water surface.

The Chaoshan Scenic Area.jpg

The Chaoshan Scenic Area has been a must-see for men of letters since ancient times. In addition to some ancient architecture, there hide a large number of stone cliff carvings in Haiyun Cave in the southwest of Chaoshan Scenic Area. There are professional tea art performances inside the scenic area, which is a great leisure activity to cool the heat in a hot afternoon when accompanied by high-quality chrysanthemum tea.

More fun activities and delicious food are waiting for you to explore.

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